What do our customers have to say?
Hint: It's a total love fest!

I grew up in the Panama Canal Zone in the 50s & 60s where CheeWees were an essential snack for all of us. They were packaged in a can back then. I was surprised...and happy to find them again while in Metairie, LA visiting a cousin earlier this year. I made sure to stock up for our trip back to Houston! As good as ever, and waaayyyy better than the "other" brand. Thanks for bringing back childhood memories.
Sam in Houston
Hi guys! I'm a native of Denham Springs, Louisiana and I live close to Houston, Texas now. I had driven home for a friend's memorial service this past weekend and stopped in Lafayette for snacks.I saw your product display and grabbed a bag of the "Hot-N-Spicy" CheeWees—and fell in LOVE!

Do you guys have these anywhere close to me (NE Houston) so I can get more????
Mike in Texas

Hi! My fianc̩e is from New Orleans and we bought some of these when we were on our trip and I LOVED the BBQ CheeWees and had to have more! We have found them in a store near our home and I thought it would be nice to order some for the house. Thank you and I really love this flavor!
LaRinda in Tennessee

My wife is from Clinton, LA and I came to Baton Rouge this weekend for a funeral—while staying with family I was introduced to the wonderful flavor and flair of Elmer's CheeWees. I LOVE THEM! In fact, I loved them so much that I have ordered a case to ship to my home in Florida. You've got a fan for life!
Corey M. in Florida

We will enjoy every crunchy bite! I'm from Metairie but live on the west coast. My 10 year old got hooked on the green onion flavor on a trip back home. Still not the same without a roast beef poboy to eat with them. Haha THANKS AGAIN!
Bruce J. in California

Thank you for reaching out! I see that you're part of the Elmer family. I just wanted to say that whenever I was a child and my family would visit my grandmother in Metairie, the first thing we would do on our way to her house on North Bengal would be to stop at a Winn-Dixie and pick up some CheeWees. I recently went on vacation with my family to Grand Isle, and I was so happy to see CheeWees on the shelf of a grocery store on the way there. It's a fun part of my childhood, and I brought some bags to share with my coworkers all the way out here in Seattle - they all loved them! I had to buy some more, and the offer on your website is a great deal. I can't wait to share more of your products with my friends here (and for myself too!). Thanks again for reaching out, and for your family's work continuing to be a cherished part of the authentic New Orleans experience.
Garrett L. in Washington

My wife, myself and our bulldog, Ella (below), LOVE your snacks!
Chuck V. in Louisiana

Hi,I just wanted to leave a little feedback. I grew up on Elmers snacks, growing up in Mandeville. The last 8 years or so I've lived in North MS, where at age 23 I have been without Elmers snacks for the important years of my life haha. It just recently clicked in my head and I placed an order for a case of the green onion chee-wees. It arrived in no time via UPS, and I was very pleased with the quality I could always remember from when I was a kid. My family loved having the old tradition around the house, and I even got my fianc̩ and her family (north MS natives) hooked on them! They really liked the caramel popcorn and the original cheddar chee-wee bonus bags that were thrown in. You will definitely continue to get my business now that I know I can get them sent to my door! Thank you for your years of service, and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Trenton E. in Mississippi

Thanks, Lori. I love CheeWees. My mom would send me a box occasionally when I was living in San Francisco for the past ten years, and I've just moved back to Baton Rouge, so now I'm sending other people boxes. :-)
Karl B. back in Louisiana